Maria Indermühle

Dietary & Lifestyle Management specialising
in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, FM Health Coach Dip CNM, FMCHC, AFMCP, mBANT

What is First Food First ?

FIRST FOOD FIRST supports clients with personalised nutrition advice and positive psychology and behavioural change techniques focused on individual needs.

Specialising in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), First Food First helps clients to reduce their symptoms and manage MS through evidence-based food and lifestyle choices and supports changes with Functional Medicine Health Coaching tools.

Maria's MS Journey

The power of food can turn your health, and life around !

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, and getting sicker by the day, I took  my health into my own hands and have never looked back.

Read Maria’s story, Founder of FIRST FOOD FIRST


The MS smart method program

A personalized 6-month 1-1 program for people living with Multiple Sclerosis who are ready start living a life on their own terms with MS but symptom free

The EXACT support I wish I had when I was first diagnosed with MS.


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