What is First Food First?

Created and named with food at the heart of health, First Food First is born from first-hand experience and scientific evidence on the benefits, and power, of nutrition when living with MS.
We all need to eat.
Food is information for our body and mind every day. It feeds our soul too, bringing us
together with friends and family, to share tales and make memories.
But food can also be the driver of disease within the body.
It can impact how we feel and function. It can trigger symptoms and perpetuate ill health.

Every bite you take is a powerful opportunity to create health or promote disease.

- Dr. Mark Hyman

As humans, we’re all unique and the way we approach health and nutrition should therefore be unique too. Using the principles of Functional Medicine and a Naturopathic approach,
First Food First focuses on uncovering the symptoms and environment in which your MS exists.

I encourage you to listen to your body through the symptoms you’re experiencing.
As debilitating as they can be, they give us a very clear message that I use to address the
root cause. Just like the term « first FOOT first », First Food First encourages small simple
steps using modifiable nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Life can already be overwhelming when you’re living with MS. First Food First promises to
support you throughout our therapeutic relationship by providing manageable, realistic
changes at a pace that suits you; meeting you where you’re at in your MS journey and
inspiring you to discover better health and remission.