The MS Smart Method program

A personalized 6 month 1-1 program for MS warriors who are ready to start living a life on their own terms with MS but symptom free.


Sound Familiar?

  • You’re always getting pins and needles but don’t understand why?
  • You feel drunk and spaced out and you’ve not even had a drink!
  • Your vision is blurred. You keep rubbing your eyes thinking you’ve something in them but you haven’t!
  • Your legs feel like jelly and you’re worried they won’t hold your weight!
  • You feel like you have lost control of your body. Your body feels like it’s shutting down
  • You’ve stopped going out to see friends because you’re worried you’ll need to keep dashing to the bathroom
  • Your brain is like a sieve. You struggle to retain information.

AND you’re fed up with not having answers as to why you have MS and what you can do about it to start feeling yourself again.

This was me too!

I’ve been exactly where you are right now.


  • There was nothing I could do and to just take medication to slow down the progression of the disease
  • I’d just have to live with it
  • I’m only going to get sicker
  • Just to accept my diagnosis

AND to start rearranging my home to accommodate a wheel-chair!

I know exactly what it feels like to walk in your shoes. Literally!

Imagine this…

You’re experiencing less pain because your giving your body the right information with the right foods at the end of your fork.

You know exactly how to manage your day and evening routine to ensure you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed ready for the next, new day.

Your body has optimal levels of the required nutrients it needs to function and your pins and needles are now a thing of the past.

You don’t feel exhausted everyday because your body is no longer loaded with energy-robbing toxins.

You can do the smallest of tasks without even having to think about it.

You’re no longer slurring but talking confidently with a smile on your face.

You no longer feel you have to go to A&E for fear that your having a heart attack.

Your eyesight is allowing you to see the world clearly again, without pain and blurry vision
AND you’re enjoying life no longer considering it to be a curse. Your living with MS BUT with no symptoms.

The MS Smart Method program will give you the knowledge, know-how and confidence that will ensure your body has what it needs so that it can reduce your MS symptoms. You can get back to living life on your terms.

AND… you’ll follow a proven framework that’s allowed me to stop my MS progressing and start living life symptom free.

Here’s what you’ll learn during 6 months of powerful 1-1 personalized nutritional and functional medicine coaching:

  • The easy way to connect with who you are, what you want to do with your life and how you want to live it
  • How to uncover why you have MS and what’s driving your condition
  • Uncover what foods are making your MS worse to ensure your brain fog, tiredness, pins and needles, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety stops
  • The secret to reducing the inflammation in your body that stops your MS from getting worse
  • Learn how to reduce your bodies “toxic” load so that you’re no longer feeling like your just dragging yourself through life
  • The ultimate way to reduce MS relapses with a simple 6 step framework
  • Discover the feeling and connection with your body that wasn’t there before

AND support, accountability and me in your back pocket 24/7!

12 x 1:1 calls, support during sessions, meal plans, shopping lists, educational workbooks, medication and supplement reviews and some Functional Testing.

The MS Smart Method will give you the know-how and confidence to finally start living your life with reduced MS symptoms.

It’s never been so easy to start nourishing your body with the right information so you can start living a life with MS….. symptom free.

If you’re committed to creating a personalized optimal plan that transforms you to start living life on your terms with MS then The MS Smart Method will supercharge your progress and your success.

But that can ONLY happen if you’re ready to make a commitment.

Which is why The MS Smart Method is only open to a limited number of men and women.

AND whose ultimate goal is to live a life with MS BUT symptom free.

Just think about how far you could go in 6 months with structure, strategy and all the high level support you could imagine from someone who has literally walked in your MS shoes.

Who’s The MS Smart Method program for ?

I want you to get the results you deserve! This program is for you if you’re prepared to put in the work, make the nutritional changes you know you need to make to reduce your MS symptoms.

This isn’t for you if…

You’re someone who wants a quick fix, without having to change to your life.
You’re not 100% committed to living a life with MS symptom free.
Which one do you want to be?


Hi, I’m Maria

I was told by medical professionals practicing conventional medicine that there was nothing that could be done for me apart from taking medication which would slow down the progression of my MS. I was sent away to rearrange my home to accommodate a wheel-chair.
I simply refused to believe that this was my prognosis and started searching for answers .

Desperate to get help, I discovered that there were things that I could do to help my MS.
Now im living my life with MS BUT symptom free.

How do I know this program is right for me?
The MS Smart Method program is for you if you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. You’re beginning to suspect that your current diet & lifestyle is not doing you any favours and is only keeping you sick. You are ready to make changes to support your health with the aim to avoid relapses and be in remission.

I’ve just been diagnosed with MS. Can I join this program?

YES ! The MS Smart Method program has been created especially for you! It’s the EXACT program I wish was available to me when I was first diagnosed with MS.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply for the The MS Smart Method, 6 month program:

How much does this program cost?

 The MS Smart Method program requires a £998 deposit, followed by 6 monthly payments of £599.

(Total investment is £4592 which includes Functional testing)

I am on medication. Can I still join the MS Smart Method program?

Absolutely, yes ! I completely respect your decision to take medication. As part of The MS Smart Method program I will review your medications ensuring that your current medication is not robbing you of vital nutrients that may be required for your MS symptoms to improve.